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Monitoring and Measurement

Measuring and monitoring

Literatu - Overview

Engage Students, deliver outcomes

Google Domain Integrated

How does Google Drive integrate with Literatu?

What does Google integration mean?

Find Literatu in the Google Apps marketplace

Edmodo integrated

Using literatu in your Edmodo classroom

Setting up Literatu

What type of Community should I use?

Teachers, Classes and Students

Teacher Workspace

The 'Manage' menu

Managing classes & students

Activities - Overview

Creating Activities

Sharing Activities in Literatu

Managing gradebooks - visually - with GradeVision

Monitoring Progress

Managing Activities in my Community

Assigning Activities

Grading and Marking Assignments

Student Workspaces

Completing my Activities on an iPad

General first time questions

What activities have been assigned to me?

BYOD - Multiple Devices

Web Browsers

Android Devices

iPad and iPhone