How do I view & add teachers?


You must be logged in as a Community Administrator to create Teacher records.

Points to remember:

The way teacher accounts are created and managed, depends on the type of Community you have chosen.   

Edmodo and Google communities manage Teacher creation outside of Literatu. Follow this link for more information.

If your school or community is a stand-alone Literatu Community, you will need to add teachers.

Manage Teachers 

1. Click on the 'Manage' menu item, then 'Teachers' in the drop-down.



View & Manage Existing Teachers

On the Teachers screen, you will see a list of the teachers in your community. 

The 'Actions' drop-down beside each teacher allows you to: 

Edit - edit the teacher's details, such as their login/e-mail address and password. 

 - See the classes the teacher belongs to, and add the teacher to additional classes  



Add teachers to other classes



Add Teachers / Community Administrators

Click on the "+ Add Teachers" button on this screen.  

You will be taken to the "Add Users" screen, where you can add teachers or community administrators, and add them to their classes at the same time.  



1 Enter User Details - You can either key in teacher/CA details, or load them via copy/paste from Excel. 

If you select the Excel option, you will see a pop-up box. You can copy teacher/CA details from Excel, paste them into the pop-up, and click 'Load'.   

Teacher/CA details must be in the order Screen Name, Username/e-mail, password.

Screen Name - This name will appear on the site when the teacher/CA logs in, and will appear in class lists. 

User name or Email Address - you must enter a unique e-mail address. 

Password - enter a starting password. Teachers/CAs can change it later.

2 Select a Class - When you have finished entering details, select the class or classes  into which the teachers / community administrators will be added.

Submit - When you have finished, click Submit to add the accounts.

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