What two types of Activities can I create?

There are 2 types of Activities. Is the activity an information source or is it interactive with the students. The only difference between each type of activity is what we refer to as 'interactive mapping' of the activity.
  1. Non Interactive Activities also known as Quick - are static activities, usually flashcards or other materials teachers want students to read. Media can be added to support the content but no answers are entered by students via any device.

    Any activity can change from Interactive to Non Interactive and vice versa. It's all up to the Teacher and what they want to achieve.

  2. Interactive Activities - are activities that directly engage students. These activities are built for answers and input to be collected in multiple types of answer fields. Marking can be set to automatic, manual or both, media can be linked to any field, guidance and feedback text can be linked to support students as they work.

    Building Interactive Activities with Literatu delivers instant outcomes for teachers and students. If a teacher can use Power Point, they are going to live using Literatu.

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