How do I make an activity interactive ?

This is what we call 'mapping' an activity. Access the Interactive map of an activity via the Activities List. Click on the down arrow beside Assign and then on Map.

Teachers use our Activity Builder to map points of interaction right over the top of the base activity content that was either loaded or linked from Google Drive.

Mapping workspace

The PDF document that you uploaded in step 1 will appear here in the mapping workspace, ready for you to add interactive fields in which students enter answers in several formats.

Menu bar

The functions of the menu buttons are:-

Demo  Puts the activity into a basic “demo” mode, so you can see how the fields will appear to students. Demo mode does not score answers – it is used for visual checking only. 

Previous / next The previous and next buttons allow you to page forward and back through your PDF document.

Save will save your mapping information.

Print will print the activity PDF, including field spaces mapped.

Zoom will zoom the PDF page in and out 

3 Mapping toolbar

Place an answer field on your page via the mapping toolbar.  

To add an answer, first select the shape of your answer field, by clicking the shape. Typically, this will be a rectangular shape (the default). Ellipses and triangles have been provided for compatibility with junior school activities.

Then, choose the type of answer you need. Simply drag the required answer type to the PDF page, and drop it where you would like the answer positioned. Alternately, you can double-click on the required answer type, which places the answer field in a default position on the PDF page. 

Using either method, the answer box will appear on the page with a default size that is best for the answer selected. So, for example, checkboxes will appear small, and long text boxes will appear larger. 

You can then move and re-size the answer space to fit the space on your PDF page, taking care not to make it too small to fit the text.

Hint: Click “Demo” on the activity to check whether your answer boxes are a sufficient size. In demo mode, you can see dropdown values, and enter text and numbers into fields. If you find the data is cut off, then you will need to make the answer space bigger. 

Answer types supported by Literatu are covered in the “Answer types” section, following. 

4 Answer properties window

The answer properties window allows you to set the properties of the answer that you have selected, such as how the answer is to be scored, the right answer, and any guidance you would like to add. 

The available properties are covered in the “Answer properties” section following. 

5 Guide lines

Guide lines make it easier to line up your answer boxes. To add a guide line on a page, right-click on the page, and select “Add vertical guide” or “Add horizontal guide”.  To remove guide lines, right-click on the page, and select “Remove guide”.  

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