Adding and managing classes

You can manage your classes from the 'Classes' item in the 'Manage' drop-down. 

On this screen, you can:

  -  add a class by clicking the blue '+ Create class' button

  -  see which classes you belong to, in the 'Classes' tab

  -  join a class from the 'Join other classes' tab

  -  manage students in your classes

  -  view the activities assigned to the class



1. The 'Classes' tab lists the classes where you are a teacher. Options available in the 'Actions' drop-down beside each class are:
  • Edit - click to edit the class name
  • Students - click to view, add and remove students from the class
  • Activities - click to view the activities assigned for the class
  • Leave Class - click to leave the class
2. Class Key - If you prefer, students can optionally join your classes using the class access key. Give any student this code and they can join your class, quickly.

3. The 'Join Other Classes' tab lists the classes in your community that you are not a teacher of.  In this tab, you can simply click on a class, then click 'Join' to become a teacher of that class. 

4. Click the 'Add Classes' button to add more classes. You will automatically become the teacher for any classes you add.  

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