What is an Activity?

Great question! The answer is - anything you want it to be. When we say Any Activity, we mean it!

An Activity could be static information to read, a quiz, revision, flash cards, an in-class activity, short answer questions, an exam, homework, a presentation...anything a Teacher wants to deliver to students as an interactive engagement to support their teaching with pedagogy.

Activities can include images, scaffolds, interactions, media, audio, whatever the teacher wants to deliver. Build anything in any application and make it interactive with Literatu, it's that easy.

Teachers can even photocopy portions of text books or workbooks and make them fully interactive (assuming they have the permission of the publisher of course). Heck, we can even make scanned hand-written notes and exercises an online engagement for students.


  1. Teachers load or link base content to Literatu's Activity Builder. Over the top of the base content, teachers quickly map interactive fields which the students complete. Auto and manual marking parameters, correct answers, help, guidance, feedback, media links to video and sound can all be quickly 'mapped' ready for students to engage with. 

  2. Teachers then assign the activity to their students. 

  3. Students have immediate access to the Activity across any device they have access to. iPad, Android or Web access - Students are engaged.

  4. Teachers have immediate monitoring, measuring and marking capabilities. Time savings start immediately. Teachers have more time for teaching and personalising learning.
Teachers use Literatu to:

- transform static content into interactive online engagements across any device.
- auto-mark and deliver highly productive manual marking capabilities.
- measure and monitor students, opening up personalised learning opportunities.
- control the way activities support their teaching.

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