How do I group checkboxes to make a selection array?

Grouping answers

Literatu allows you to group answers, so that they share a single question number and a single score for the group.  The most common use of grouping is for checkbox fields. 

Feedback and helpful information can be added at the group level, where it will show the same information for any answer in the group.  Alternately, feedback and helpful information can still be added at the individual answer level, if required. 

There are still some properties you will need to set on the individual answers, such as the answer types, the marking method, and the correct answer. Once you have added your individual answers, you are ready to create a group. 

To group answers:-

  1. hold down the “shift” key
  2. select each answer you would like to add to the group
  3. right-click with your mouse, and select “group controls”

Your grouped controls will appear in green, and you will see the grouped properties window

You can now set the single question number for this group, the score, and any helpful information or feedback.

To see properties for an individual answer (e.g. scoring method, etc), click on the individual answer.

To see properties for the group, click on any space between or around individual answers.

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