Setup wizard - add a class, students and your first activity

Once you have activated your account, you will be logged into your domain as a teacher with community administrator rights. 

The first thing you will see is the literatu setup wizard, where you can add classes and students, as well as create and assign your first activity. 

If you have an activity you would like to use during the setup process, please save a PDF copy of it, if it is not already in PDF format.   


The first screen you will see is a welcome screen. When you are ready to proceed, click 'Next'


When we create a literatu community, we automatically create your first class. To re-name that class, click the 'Rename' button and enter the new name.

When you are happy with your class name, click 'Next' to proceed.  


You can add students on this screen. Enter the student name, login and password. Click 'Add row' to add rows for more student accounts. You can add up to 30 students in your trial account.

When you have finished adding student accounts, click the 'Create student accounts' button. You will see a confirmation screen that your student accounts have been added. If you have used a duplicate name or login/e-mail, you will see a warning. You will be able to change the account details and click 'Create student accounts' again.  

If you wish to add students later, simply click 'Set up some activities' on this screen.    

Activity type

Now you can set up your first activity. Select the activity type you would like to create.

A quick activity has no interaction mapped. A good example is a reading activity.

An interactive activity is 'mapped' with any level of interaction required including answer fields, guidance, feedback and videos. 


Give the activity a name and description. The name will appear in your activity list, and also on the student's activity list once you assign it. 

When you have named your activity, click 'Next'.


Select the PDF file you will be using for this activity. You can choose a file from your PC, or from Google drive. 

You can save a PDF version of activities created in almost any authoring tool, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google docs.  You can also scan to PDF, which is great for hand-written documents or hard-copies that you would normally photocopy and distribute. 


Click on the + to unfold the curriculum tree. Click on a curriculum element to link to the activity. 


You can set up other options from this screen.

  • Video link - if you would like to add a video that students can play with this activity, enter the URL here. Videos from youTube and Vimeo are supported.
  • File activity - we have set up a default folder for your first activity. If this is your first time using the wizard, and you have no other folders, then you must accept the default.
  • Display in ResourceVsion - ResourceVision is a visual curriculum. You can display your activities as resources that display at each curriculum node that the activity is linked to.

If you select 'Yes, as a school resource', then everyone in your school community will be able to find & assign the activity on the ResourceVision wheel.

If you select 'Yes, as a public resource', then all literatu communities will be able to find & assign the activity on their ResourceVision wheel. Please note, public activities need to be validated before being published, so they will not appear immediately. 

Map activity

If you have chosen an interactive activity, then you will need to map it. To map the activity, click 'Map activity'.

Click here to go to our Mapping help page, where you can watch a video that describes the process.  

When you have finished mapping, close the mapping editor. You can now assign the activity. 


Click the 'Assign activity' button to assign your activity. You will see the activity assignment screen.   

Select the class & students you would like to assign the activity to.  You can select all students, or a subset of students. 

Choose a due date.

Switch on live monitoring, if required. Live monitoring allows you to watch a students answer the activity in a live view, showing student progress through the questions and right/wrong answers.


Your quick setup is now complete! 
  • You can always add, edit and delete classes, students and teachers from the 'Manage' drop-down on the main menu. 
  • You can launch the setup wizard at any time, by clicking 'Home' on the main menu, and then clicking the 'setup wizard' button. 
  • You can add & map activities by clicking 'Activities' on the main menu.  
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