How can I see my Gradebook in GradeVision?

Literatu is unique when it comes to managing BIG school data.

We traced the steps of a Year 7 Maths teacher. 6 classes, 30 students, 10 monitoring activities per term (plus exams but we will ignore those). That alone is 1800 points of data per Term.

4 Terms later and the data points for one teacher are up to 7200.  If you consider at this school there are over 20 maths teachers, that is some 144,000 data points to manage..and that is only for one subject!.

Literatu takes the data that is captured and shows it visually. We call this GradeVison because it helps teacher visualise where the Grades in the class currently are.

Teachers can access GradeVision via GradeBook or the GradeVision shortcuts.

Via Gradebook

Via GradeVision

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