How do I view & add Students?


You must be logged in as a Teacher or Community Admin to add Students.

Points to Remember.
  1. If you are integrated with Edmodo , you dont need to set up students. Students will be automatically added by Edmodo when you add them to your Edmodo class. 

  2. If you are integrated with Google Domains, you don't have to set up Students. Simply give Students a Class Access Key to join. See Class Access key below.
If your school or community is a stand-alone Literatu Community, you will need to add Students. There are some really quick ways to do this.

Method 1 - Via the setup wizard

From the Setup Wizard, click the 'Add Students' step. Click here for a refresher on the Setup Wizard.

Method 2 - Via manage students

To access the student management screen, click 'Manage' on the main menu, then 'Students' on the drop-down. 



View & manage existing students

You will see a list of the students in your community.

The 'Actions' drop-down beside each student allows you to: 

Edit - edit the student's details, such as their login/e-mail address and password. 

Archive - archive the student account. The student will not be able to login any more.

- See the classes the student belongs to, and add the student to classes  



Add the student to other classes.



Add new students

To add new students, click '+ Add Students'



1 Enter User Details - You can either key in student details, or load them via copy/paste from Excel. If you select the Excel option, you will see a pop-up box. You can copy student details from Excel, paste them into the pop-up, and click 'Load'.   

Student details must be in the order Screen Name, Username/e-mail, password.

Screen Name - This name will appear on the site when the student logs in, and will appear in class lists. 

User name or Email Address - you can use either eg: Jimmy007 or Whichever is used, username/email must be unique.

Password - enter a starting password. Students can change it later.

2 Select a Class - When you have finished entering student details, select the class or classes  into which the students will be added.

Submit - When you have finished, click Submit to add your students.

Add students to existing assignments

If you add students to an existing class that has active assignments, you will see an additional pop-up window which will allow you to add the new students to existing assignments.

To add the student to existing activity assignments, click 'Assign activity'. When you have finished, click 'Done'.

Adding students to classes with a Class Access Key

Every Class in Literatu has an access key associated with it.

Students need only enter this key via their profile to join the class.

Students will find the 'Join a Class' option if they click the drop-down beside their screen name (at top right).

Students can enter a class key using this screen, and they will be automatically added to the class.

Teachers can also copy the text given in the Email link and paste that into an email to Students.

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