How do I add an Activity via the wizard?

Literatu's activity wizard makes it easy to get activities online quickly.

Pre Requisites:

  1. You must have the source for your activity available as a PDF file on your computer or accessible via Google Drive.
  2. You have decided to create either an interactive or non-interactive (quick) activity.
  3. You are logged into Literatu as a Teacher.



1. Choose Activity type. Interactive activities are mapped with fields for students to complete. Quick activities don't have mapped fields, for example a reading activity. 

Title and Description

Select your PDF file from a local drive, or any file from Google Drive

Select any file from Google drive. Literatu and Google will handle the PDF file conversions.

4. Align the Activity to a Curriculum element or elements. This sets up the reporting link.

5. Optionally, you can add a video to the activity.

Select a folder that you'd like to file the activity in.

You can also select how you want to share your activity - as a school resource or a public resource.

6. Continue to mapping of the interactive elements with the Activity Builder or Assign the activity to your class right now.

See 'Activity Mapping' for help on how to make your activities interactive.

See 'Assigning Activities' to see how your students get access to your activities across any platform and device.

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