How do I manage all of my Activities?

Literau has a simple way to manage many Activities, all from one screen. Refer to the Screen numbers for alignment of explanation.

1. You must be a Teacher to see the Activities tab on the menu. 

2. Your Activities will be split up into several sources. 

My Activities - are activities that teachers create and own. They are should / must be the original works of a teacher and they have been linked into Literatu directly or via Google Drive.

Community Activities - Activities that are public inside a common community, which is a school. These can be used by all teachers if the authoring teacher places the activity in a public community.

Publisher Activities - These Activities are supplied via a subscription your school may have with a Publisher who has formatted activities in Literatu, for commercial sale. This could be a School, selling it's Activities to others. 

Public Activities - These Activities are public to everyone across Literatu. Sometimes we get asked by Teachers to make activities available to everyone.

Archived Activities - At any time a Teacher can archive work. It will all be found in this section.

3. Teachers can filter the list by Folder. Each Activity is linked to a folder. Folders can be used
    to aggregate files in any order a Teacher likes.

4. Search for any Activity by name or description. Type part of any word to search.

5. Actions - Several management Actions can be taken on each Activity. Access these via
    clicking on the Assign Button.

Assign - Assign an activity to a Student or range of Students in a Class. 

Map - allows a teacher to create, view and edit interactive elements of an activity. When a teacher 'MAPS' a base activity, they place answer boxes, guidance, media links and other interactive fields over the top of a base PDF or linked Google App document.

To view an activity and how it is defined, click MAP.

The activity and all interactive elements that have been added as ‘answerable’ will be shown. This will open in a new browser window. Move through the activity pages by clicking Next and Previous. From here you can Print the activity if you need to.

Properties - Edit establishes / changes the properties of an activity. Properties include a range of options.

View - View opens the base pdf document on which this activity is based.

Copy - Copy, when offered, allows a teacher to make a direct copy of the activity and rename it. Once copied, Teachers can make any changes to the mapping, never the original PDF or Google Document.

Archive -  Archive activities are not deleted, they are simply moved off list. They can be easily retrieved by changing the include archive option at the top of the activity's screen.

Delete - Delete will only be offered IF you are the owner of an activity, and yes, it will delete.
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