Can I blend Automatic and Manual marking questions in one activity?

Yes, for sure you can.

When you map an Activity, ( see here for the video) , you can nominate PER question asked, how you would like to deal with the marking of the question.

To recap, there are 3 marking possibilities per question.
  1. Auto marking
  2. Manual Marking
  3. Do not mark
Auto, manual and do not mark can be blended per Activity. 

All questions that are set to Auto Mark - are instantly marked when the activity is submitted either on the Web or on the tablet device.

All questions set to manually mark - are saved for teachers to mark on line with Literatu via the web or via the teacher app. Literatu makes marking easy, online and very quick. See Manual  Marking for more information.

All questions set to Do Not Mark - are not marked at all.

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