Managing student results with Gradebook

Points to note about Gradebook.

  1. Gradebook is automatically updated with all results the teacher wants to catch. This is a decision made when the activity is assigned and the Update Gradebook option is set to Yes.

  2. Gradebooks are managed by class , by student , by activity - just like teachers are used to when they use paper or excel based gradebooks.

  3. GradeBooks display all results - partial and complete. If an Activity is partially marked, it will be shown with an * denoting there may be a change in marks assigned currently.

  4. Gradebook will show by default, the assignments the teacher wants to formally score and track for assessing student performance. All other practice quizzes and such activities can be shown as well by selecting the option " Show all assignments, including non-assessment."

  5. Columns can be ordered top to bottom, bottom to top by clicking on the Activity heading in the gradebook table.
Accessing GradeBook

Gradebook is available from the Shortcuts menu. Click Gradebook.

What you will see.

1. Select any class that you are a Teacher of. A drop down will show you your classes.

2. Choose to show ALL assignments if you want - including the ones that you have decided don't
    count. This is great for parent teacher night!

3. Click on the Activity names to sort the student marks from highest to Lowest.

4. Use Search to find Students quickly

5. Note the partial marks of some assignments, where there is marking in porgress.

6. Export the Gradebook to Excel - handy to print out and make portable.

7. View in Gradevision - Visualise your class results. You must see this!

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