How do I use GradeVision?

We worked really hard to create a new way of showing Teachers live views of their classes, activities and results.

Gradevision is available in two styles:
  1. Gradevision reports on your classes - mapping the progress and performance of your students as they complete activities in Literatu.

  2. Gradevision is also capable of loading your external gradebooks. For example Edmodo gradebooks.
To access Gradevision for your Literatu classes and activities, select GradeBook from the menu or shortcuts menu.

You will see the following screen.

Your first class will default and show the traditional style Grade Book that all teachers are used to.

Select a class you are interested in and click View in Gradevision

You get a series of options to refine the data you want to see.

Every piece of data is captured for analysis and presented on a really simple wheel that makes navigation a breeze.

  1. Select the Date Range - Use the calendar to choose your date range. By default, the from date is 3 months back from today.

  2. Include Partially graded activities. - What teacher doesn't have a marking queue? Any WIP marking assignments can be included.

  3. Include non-gradebook assessments - Do you want to include everything, even the activities you chose not to update in the gradebook?

  4. Select the Chart Type - By Student, By Activity or Curriculum Element. Your choice

  5. Select the Curriculum Branch - If you want to see across all of a year for all curriculum elements that have been assessed, of course here is where you do that.

    Select Generate.

Navigation Tips with GradeVision
There is only two tips which is why GradeVision is so powerful.

1. The center of the circle is the back one step command button
2. You can click on any element to drill into the data below.

Thats it, that is the power and simplicity of managing BIG DATA in your classes.

Drill into each Student and you will see :

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