Introduction to mapping and the Activity Builder

Interaction is added to literatu activities using the Activity Builder. Adding interactivity is quite quick, provided you have done a little preparation. 


  1. You have loaded your base PDF file or linked to a file on Google Drive. You might have used the Activity Wizard or created an Activity manually.

  2. You have an idea as to how you want to make the activity interactive and the level of support and help that you want to add.

  3. You have watched the Activity Builder video - explaining how to add interactivity to your activities. See the video here.

  4. You are logged in with your Teacher account and you are looking at your activities list. In the list you can see the Activity you want to make interactive. We call this process MAPPING
Launching the Activity Builder
  1. You click on the down arrow beside the Assign Button - and select MAP

  2. The activity builder application will load and open the base PDF that you are going to map.

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