How do I install Literatu into my Google Domain?

It only takes 5 minutes to load and configure Literatu into your Google Domain. Follow these steps.

STOP - YOU MUST HAVE DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION RIGHTS IN GOOGLE to install LITERATU onto the GOOGLE DOMAIN for your school. Make sure you check with your IT Co-ordinator for the Domain.

Step 1 . Locate Literatu in the Google Apps Marketplace 

Follow this link :

Step 2.  Start Google Apps Installation.

Step 3.  Enter your Google Domain name. You MUST be the System Admin for this Domain or have permissions to install applications.

Step 4.  Agree to the Terms.

Step 5.  Grant Google Access permission to Literatu.

Step 6 - Continue to Literatu Configuration

Step 7 - 
Enter base Literatu settings.

Name -         What would you like your school / community to be known as?

Country -     Helps to set date and time 

Curriculum - IMPORTANT - 
We are adding more all the time. Currently we support 
                    both Australian and US Common Core. These are flexibly tailored by 
Make note of the Teacher Access code for all Teachers to use.

Step 8: All Domain members can now access Literau from their Google 'More" menu.

Step 9 - Members are asked for Access keys the first time they enter.

Step 10 - When a teacher logs into Literatu for the first time, The Teacher setup wizard
               commences. In here, teachers create cl

Step 11 - As Teachers add classes, Literatu assigns Class keys to streamline Student

The installation process is complete. Literatu keeps Teachers moving with Wizards for Classes and creating Activities.

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