What is GradeVision ?

GradeVision is a graphic representation of the data that is contained in your class. Many teachers dont see this level of analysis simply because the data is not caught. The old saying about data is so relevant to teachers; "You can't manage what you can't measure".

When you add up the number of data points ( pieces of student information ) a single teacher can accumulate over a year, it is amazing.

When teachers use Literatu, this data is captured. Literatu relays everything back to the teacher by Student, by Class, By Activity and Curriculum Element.

We did some calculations with a Math Teacher of Year 7 and 8 around how much data he had access to but could not measure - other than formal exams.

He had 6 classes, 30 students. That is 180 data points needing management right there.

Across the year he assigned over 30 quizzes per class (many of them paper based and that's not counting homework). That's 180 x 30 = 5400 pieces of data per class at a minimum.

Across his 6 classes, the volume of data points equates to 32,400 data points (5400 per class * 6 classes).

That's what we call evidence. From this data, per class, per student, per activity and per curriculum element, Teachers have visible and meaningful data. 

Literatu tracks this data, making it available to the Teacher. With Literatu, Teachers have a live class radar, an ability to follow the progress of each student and personalise the student's learning.

GradeVision delivers the information and data in our unique reporting wheel, a starburst chart that has multiple drill in capabilities with one simple navigation feature. Drill in and Drill out.

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