What are the two types of Gradebooks in GradeVision?

Gradebooks are segmented into Literatu Class Gradebooks and Externally loaded Gradebooks.

Literatu Gradebooks are managed by Literatu.

For each class, the Gradebook of results and progress scores is managed by Literatu instantly on any change being made to the data.

Literatu updates all scores :

As students submit their work. All automatically marked activities and questions are instantly updated.

As teachers manually mark the activities. Sometimes it takes some time for teachers to get thru the manual marking queue. Student results can be displayed to teh second as a progress score.

Gradebooks loaded from other system sources, are referred to as GradeVision - Gradebooks.

Externally loaded Gradebooks are loaded via Excel files, in one of three different formats.

These Gradebooks are static, at the moment representations of data, typically from other assessment systems.

Edmodo CSV Gradebooks for example, come straight into Literatu. Edmodo teachers can save their Gradebook in Excel CSV format and import directly into GradeVision. This gives them an instant representation of their class progress and data they currently dont get.

As Gradebooks change in Edmodo, the CSV file needs to be re-loaded to derive the current representation of student progress.

See loading External Gradebooks into Literatu to see how easy this is.

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