How do I load External Gradebooks into Literatu

Loading external Gradebooks into Literatu is quick and simple. All you need to start off is an Excel format CSV (Comma Separated Value) file and knowledge of what you are loading.

There are two pieces of information you need to load and external CSV Gradebook file into Literatu.

  1. A CSV file of your Gradebook in one of three formats. Edmodo CSV is supported.

  2. For the Activities listed in the Gradebook, an understanding of the relevant Curriculum elements that the activity represents. Literatu tracks results back to Curriculum elements. This means that teachers can see results by curriculum as well as by student and activity.

    When the CSV file is loaded, teachers map the activities to the Curriculum elements that apply. The mapping is recorded so that next time the file is updated, only new Activities need to be linked.

Lets have a look at the steps involved.

Click on
from the GradeVision screen.

  1. You can name the Class any name you like. 
  2. The file uploaded must be a CSV file. If your file is in Excel format, Save As a CSV format.
  3. Depending on the source system, we have found that GradeBook data  usually comes in three formats. You will notice the format of the names, and the order of the columns and rows. Check the radio box beside the correct format.
  4. The score format is important. The data in the fields should match one of the shown formats.

When complete, select Next step.

Step 2 lets teachers link curriculum elements to the Gradebook. This aligns the Activities listed in the Gradebook columns, with the Curriculum used. 

This gives the reporting a new dimension, allowing results to be viewed by curriculum elements, as well as by Student and Activity.

Click on the curriculum element on the right - ( it must be the lowest level) and drag it across to the Activity (or worksheet) listed in the Excel spreadsheet.

If the element has been linked to an Activity heading in prior loads, the Curriculum element will show in light blue underneath the Activity name. 

If there is an activity that needs to be mapped, it will have no linked reference.

If there is a link that you would like to replace, click on the red X and re-map the element.

When complete, click save and your new Gradebook is available in the list.

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