What is ResourceVision and how does it help me?

Resource Vision offers teachers a visual drill through a curriculum, helping teachers to find and link resources at lowest (element) level of the curriculum.

When a Community is created, the Community is linked to a curriculum. 

There are two default and complete curriculums that are used, the Australian and US Common Core. We are loading more curriculums all the time so if you would like to use a curriculum we dont currently have, please let us know. We will look at loading it for you or with you.

From Shortcuts or the menu, select ResourceVision.

Depending on your Community's Curriculum, you will have a drop down allowing you to select the top level -1 , that is, the second level of the Curriculum.  You can nominate this level as being your default.

In this example, you can see just how much Year 9 Students learn across 4 core curriculum subjects.

The display formats used are the same as used in GradeVision.


The center circle is indeed the back button. Select any node of the wheel and the chart will rotate to expose your selection.

Select for example, English. The chart will rotate and expose the English Curriculum for Year 9. This is what you will see.

As you drill into the wheel, you see the text coming through as more room becomes available for the text to be read.

The outer element layer is where the elements of the curriculum are displayed. At this level of the wheel, you will see details of the curriculum element and related links, if any. 

When activities are created in Literatu and linked to a Curriculum element, the Teacher can nominate sharing to other teachers in the community or teachers in the public domain. 

When resources are linked, they are show in the resources box. 

For the US Common Core Curriculum, we have linked over 2700 Khan academy videos to the US maths curriculum. It is available to use free of charge.

If you use Edmodo, ResourceVision can be linked to your Edmodo domain as an APP. Download and install it from the Edmodo Free store.

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