Can I add resources to Resource Vision?

Indeed you can ! Thats the whole idea!

There are two ways you can do this.

1. Enter a resource that is not a Literatu community type activity directly from the element properties.

Open a curriculum and click on an outer curriculum element.

Adding a resource is easy.

1. Nominate a Web or FIle link.

Literatu will offer you a file upload link if you nominate file. Otherwise, enter the web URL.

2. Enter a Description  

Something helpful is always helpful. 

3. Click Save - After we have checked the entry to ensure it is not a bogus or offensive entry, we will publish the reference to the wheel for the nominated curriculum element.

4. Private? If an activity is flagged private, only the User logged in will see the linked resource.

When a user enters Resource Vision, any resources that have been created by them, will be available for edit and deletion. Private entries are not checked for completeness by Literatu.


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