Overview of Literatu Communities

Each school created in Literatu is referred to as a Community. Each Community is made up of Teachers, Students and Classes and of course all of the work that gets done by teachers and students.

There are three types of Communities in Literatu, with the difference being how Literatu is integrated.

1. Edmodo Integrated  -  If the Literatu community is purchased through Edmodo, Teachers, classes and students will be all set up for you so there is nothing to do in terms of setting resources up. Edmodo integration is only valid in the US.

2. Stand Alone -  If you are using Literatu as a stand alone platform, you will load your students and teachers using our quick entry panel or by 'cutting and pasting' names from an excel sheet. Under this approach, all Students and Teachers will have a login name and password for Literatu.

3. Google Integrated - If the community is integrated with a Google Apps EDU domain, (your school is a Google school), all of the Teacher and Student accounts will be pre loaded into Literatu as everyone accesses Literatu via Google.

Once Literatu is installed into your school's Google domain,  all that is left is to structure the teachers and students into classes. Luckily, Literatu makes this simple. 

More information on Community types is found here.

Integration with Edmodo and Google is described in full here.
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