What are the 3 types of Users in Literatu?

Each user created in Literatu has a role. There are 3 main Roles in Literatu.

1. Community Administrator 

Every Community needs a 'Community Administrator' (CA) account to be assigned. Users with the role of Community Administrator are effectively teachers, with additional access. The CA has the highest level of access in their Literatu community. Community Administrators can manage teacher and student accounts, as well as every other resource in the community.

 2. Teacher

Teachers can also manage resources within the community. The Teacher role is restricted to actions teachers normally perform.

Teachers can:- 

Manage students and classes
Create and manage folders
Create and manage activities
Assign activities to students
Mark and score work handed in from students
Monitor results,
Update grade books,
Access student and class dashboards

 3. Student

Students complete individual activities, receive results, review activity history, revise work and monitor results
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