The Literatu Story

Literatu is a unique, teacher driven platform that lets teachers deliver any activity onto any device, in minutes. 

Using Literatu, teachers can create a fully interactive, auto or manually marked activities ready to engage students across any device. 

Any existing activity can be transformed, or teachers can create a new activity in MS Word, PowerPoint or Google Docs. Any digital format you are comfortable with is supported. Literatu can even work with hand-written sheets...really!

'Activities' can include anything from in class assessments to quizzes, flash cards, homework, revision or tutorials; anything you want to connect to your students.  

Developed to work alongside teachers as a highly operational support tool, Literatu works across any language, subject and level of schooling. Teachers use Literatu to control student engagement, save time marking and to measure outcomes. This allows them to better personalize student interaction.  

Combined with unique marking, measuring and resource sharing capabilities, Literatu gives teachers significant new capabilities to drive the way technology improves student outcomes whilst creating more time for teaching.

"Literatu supports teachers across any language, subject and level of schooling"

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