How do I get my Students into Classes?

Adding students and maintaining class membership depends on whether you are running literatu integrated with an Edmodo integrated community, a Google Domain, or a non-integrated Literatu community (Literatu Direct).

1. Edmodo Community

If your community is linked to Edmodo, your students and classes will be automatically set uo and managed by Edmodo. There is nothing to do in Literatu.

2. Google Community

Student and teacher accounts are automatically provided by the Google domain to Literatu. However, class management details are not provided.

To make sure new students are added to the correct classes, Literatu creates a Class Key.

When a Student logs in to Literatu for the first time via the 'More' menu in the Google domain, the student is asked for their class code.

Students can join new classes at at any time, by clicking on the 'Hi' menu at the top right, and selecting 'Join a class'. 

3. Literatu Direct

Without linked user integration, teachers can add students to classes in one of four ways.

1. Using the Class Access Key, students can join classes themselves, quickly and simply.

2. Via Manage - Students. Click here for details

2. Via Manage - Classes. Click here for details

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