How do I create a Class ?

Teachers must have at least one Class created before they can link Students. Teachers can add as many classes as they like. 

A Class is simply a way of grouping Students. There are no limits around how Teachers could use this capability.

EG: Class 2A could have all 30 students , Class 2A EXT - could segment the three extension students and Class 2B could segment the 5 remedial students in Class 2A.

Follow this link for more information on how to set up a Class.

Classes makes it simple for Teachers to assign, mark and report in a group. Use them anyway you like.

If you are working with Edmodo, you purchase Class licenses via the Edmodo Store. Your class will be automatically set up for you. Edmodo sells Literatu by Class License.

All other license models use Student based license pricing that is not linked to Classes. 

Every Student can belong to many classes.

If you are working with Google, you purchase class licenses via the Literatu store. 

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