How do I set up Folders for my activities

Folders can be created by community administrators and teachers, and are used to organize activities.  Folders can be shared within your community, and Community Administrators can even create folders that can be shared with other communities.

If you teach History - you might have folders for Quizzes, Short Answer, Essay or you might break activities up into World War 1, Vietnam, etc. It's your choice. Folders are here to help you stay organised.

To add a new folder, click on the 'Manage' item in the menu bar, then on the 'Folders' drop-down.

Click on the "Create New Folder" button.

Enter the folder details, as follow:-

Name:  Give the folder a name which will help you to organise your activities (e.g. Year 7 Mathematics). 

Description: Give the folder a more detailed description

Type:  There are three types of folders available.

  1. Private - the folder is only visible to members of your community. Other teachers can not add or change activities in your folder, but can assign activities from your folder.
  2. Public - The folder and all activities can be seen by all communities, not just your community. Only a community administrator can create a public folder
  3. Subscription - This folder type grants controlled access for a fee.  Please contact us if you would like to use this feature. 

Only community administrators can create type 2 and 3

Customisable: The Customisable flag allows you control whether other users can copy activities in the folder. 

If your folder is set Customisable = Yes, then other teachers can make a copy of your activities into their own folders. Remember that when content is shared amongst schools, the base level content is always preserved. The only changes allowed are the mapped, interactive elements. This level of protection always preserves the underlying copyright of the materials.

Active / InActive: In-Active folders cannot be seen by other Teachers.

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