Are there tips to follow when creating Activities?

The real purpose of Literatu is to deliver teacher designed interactivity via online Activities. 

Formatting a great Activity is simply a process of common sense. Interactivity of any type needs suitable space and room for response.

The simple message is : Open up the page, use whitespace.

How many times have you seen something like the following example on pages or workbooks for students completion?

The planet is on the verge of ___disasters if we don't do something about ____change.

Students are expected to fill in the blanks, teachers are expected to mark the work. 

If you are engaging students on line and you are creating new Activities for students to complete, give them some space to work with, especially if you are going to deploy your activities across tablets and phones.

There are several types of interactions that Literatu lets you build onto any base content.

Good formatting practices are as simple as these.

1. When designing gap type sentence completion, open up room for completion.

   The planet is on the verge of                                 disasters if we don't do something

    about                                change

2. Space lines at least 2.0 between each line if you have lines of text.

3. When asking students to draw and show working, give some room on the page for this to happen.

The range of BYO Devices that Literatu deploys to is vast. The more space in your activity, the better the presentation consistency across multiple devices. 

If you are using materials that don't have the right amount of spacing for answers to be inserted you can add pages for answers to be collected or add interactivity wherever you can.

There is almost unlimited flexibility to map interactive points for students across all types of base activity content.

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