Overview of Marking, Grading and Scoring in Literatu

If it is one  process Literatu does really well, it is marking!

Litertau combines:

  1. Fully automatic marking 
  2. Automatic marking with manual marking and
  3. Completely manual marking capabilities for short form and long form written answers.

All of these options can be combined in one activity and one student answering experience.


Automatic marking of activities is easy. For each question framed in an activity, the correct answer can be supplied.

Literatu presents several options for building and collecting answers including:

  1. Simple text answers
  2. Complex text answers where several answers could be correct - EG rocking-chair or rocking chair
  3. Long text, free format answers - this is unique
  4. Drop down - multiple choice
  5. Check box / True  / False
  6. Numbers
  7. Drawing answers ( where students draw over a transparent backdrop) This can also be used to submit student workings for assessment
  8. Automatically graded short form questions. This is a new and exciting feature that marks students short form and long form answers.
  9. Pictures students take using the camera on their device.

When a question is submitted, automatic marking is applied immediately. 

If an activity can be marked without any teacher intervention, marking completes; students have access to immediate results and feedback. Teachers have immediate access to grade books and GradeVision.

GradeVision helps teachers visualise their class, without having to thumb through grade books and excel results. This is an exciting development and release of teacher generated information from their existing resources.

Associated with each question is linked guidance and feedback text. Guidance text can be shown to students as they answer questions. Feedback text can be shown when they have been graded or marked.

Links to other systems with pedagogical value can be made. YouTube, Vimeo and other web based links and audio files comprise a media connection capability that is easily linked and managed to each question or activity.


Literatu allows teachers to mark the same question for all students, across the class or to mark down the class, student by student. The blend of these two marking methods speeds the marking / scoring process, giving teachers a more precise view across of their students.

Teachers instantly see all student responses, per question, participation levels and of course who might have borrowed answers from each other. 

It is simple to quickly move between questions looking at the answers. A single mark can be given to all students or individually allocated. Teachers can see the correct answer IF the question has one linked.


Teachers can mark one student at a time. If the assignment was a long form text answer or a series of short answer questions that are marked in one score, teachers can mark across one student's complete set of answers.

Being able to view the complete set of answers per student to validate effort, completeness and understanding, is a fantastic overview of effort and participation.

Teachers can give students any level of feedback via annotation while marking.

The Annotation capability to highlight any part of a student answer and give immediate feedback or commentary is simple for Teachers to use. These standard comments can be connected to an annotation via a single click. Students will see all teacher feedback.

To make an annotation, simply highlight any part of a student answer and the annotation icon will pop up. Enter your text, select any pre set comments if appropriate, and save.

Marking long form responses by student allows teachers to mark against a flexible rubric. Rubric values can be set for each activity individually. Standard comments can be applied, annotations added to text and marks aggregated as an average score or cumulative score. The flexibility that Literatu offers is sensational.

When teachers mark an activity with category based rubric marking, the scores and comments are quickly entered and calculated.When the teacher has reviewed the complete response from the student, marking / scoring or grading commences with one click.

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