How do I monitor assignments in my class?

My Classes

The 'My Classes' screen is accessed from the main menu. 

'My Classes' is a highly functional view of a teacher's classes and students within each class.  
My Classes brings together everything that is active in your classes in a flight-deck view, enabling progress monitoring at a glance.

Assignment View

1 These are the classes that you are a teacher of

 This is a count of the assignments that need to be manually marked for that class

 Click 'Assignments' to view the active assignments in the class, or 'Students' to view student progress for that class

4 Click '+' to assign an activity to the selected class

5 These are the assignment overview bubbles.

Assignment bubbles  

There are three metrics shown on the Assignment overview bubble.
  1. Color and Average Score  - Red means the class average is in the bottom 1/3 (0 - 33%) for the students that have completed the assignment so far. Orange denotes higher averages, from 34% to 66%. Green bubbles are displayed where the average score is 67% and above.  The current average is shown as a percentage. In this case - 17%. Help is shown as you hover on the % score.

2.  The top fraction is the number of Students that have handed the work in.
     In this case, 1 out of 8 in the class have handed the assignment in.

3. The blue circle is the number of assignment that are ready to manually mark.

Assignment Detail

You can click on an assignment bubble to see the detailed progress of the assignment, including scores for each individual answer, student participation, the marking list, and final scores. 

When you click on an assignment bubble, you will see the detailed answer analysis. The analysis uses size and color to highlight performance for each question, with questions shaded green being higher scoring, moving down through amber to red for the lower scoring answers.

 Click on a question bubble to see student answers for that question. If the question was automatically marked, you will also see the correct answer(s). 

Below the answer analysis, you will see student detail for that assignment.

To Mark - These are the activities that are ready to be marked by the teacher.

In Progress - These activities have been started, but not yet submitted. Click 'View' to view progress so far. 

Not Started - These students have not yet opened the activity at all.

Marked - These activities have been submitted, and all questions have been marked. Click on the score to open the activity. 

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