How do I monitor students in my Class?

My Classes

The 'My Classes' screen is accessed from the main menu. 

'My Classes' is a highly functional view of a teacher's classes and students within each class.  
My Classes brings together everything that is active in your classes in a flight-deck view, enabling progress monitoring at a glance.
Student View

1 Click 'Students' to view the students in the class

 These are the classes that you are a teacher of 

 This is a count of the assignments that need to be manually marked for that class

4 Student summary icons, showing student overall progress in the class for activities marked to date. 

Student icons

Color is used to summarize overall achievement, with the colors indicating the following:

Student Detail

Click on a student icon to see all of the activities completed by that student in the selected class. 

To Mark - These are the activities that are ready to be marked by the teacher.

In Progress - These activities have been started, but not yet submitted. Click 'View' to see progress so far. 

Not Started - The student has not opened the activity at all.

Marked - These activities have been submitted, and all questions have been marked. Click on the score to open the activity. 

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