How do I track Student Activities?


The first thing to remember is that Teachers assign Activities to Students to complete.

At present this is the only way teachers can get activities into the hands of students.

When an Activity is Assigned, it is known in Literatu as an Assignment.

A - A - A It's the tripple A process.

Each Assignment is a snapshot of exactly what Teachers set and assigned. The base content, the help, the answers, the whole package is put together and wrapped up for each student as a complete assignment.

So, if a teacher assigns an Activity to a student as an assignment, and then changes the Activity the next day, Literatu delivers the original assignment format of the activity to Students until, the new version of the activity is assigned again.

Yes, version control makes sure Students get what they are supposed to.

Welcome to the Literatu Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is a highly functional view of a teacher's classes and students within each class. 
We set out to make a teacher's life easier and here it is. This dashboard brings together all of the Literatu functionality in once Flight-deck view, enabling a teacher to be LIVE with data as it is happening in the classroom.

From the menu , select My Classes

1. View each Class by Assignments outstanding or by Student in the Class.

You have the choice to drill into the class either way.
Inquiry by class will show you all assignments and their current status.
Click on an Assignment and you will get the complete set of information for that assignment.

There are three obvious metrics shown immediately on the Assignment overview bubble.
  1. Color and Average Score  - Red means the class average is below 50% for the students that have completed the assignment so far. Orange and Green denote higher averages. The current average is shown as a percentage. In this case - 17%. Help is shown as you hover on the % score.

2.  The top fraction is the number of Students that have handed the work in.
     In this case, 1 out of 8 in the class have handed the assignment in.

3. The blue circle at 1.30 pm on the bubble is the number of assignment handed in
    and ready to mark. This is a link that will take you to student swimlanes that
    show more detail per student.

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