We love Android devices as well. Download the Android App here!

Yes indeed, nothing fresher than a nice, fast Android Tablet. You can choose any one that suits your style and budget.

There are so many to choose from, we actually don't mind what you use. We have tested Literatu on a tablet we bought from China for $24.48 - delivered!

We are certified to run on Version 4 of Android and higher so if you are like us and love Ice Cream Sandwiches and beyond - you will be fine.

Literatu has been also rated across 37 Samsung Android devices. 

We have tested on Nexus (phones and Tablets) , Samsung, Galaxy, Phones like Samsung Galaxy, Notes...so many devices and we just work!

You can get your hands on Literatu from the Google Play store or the Samsung App Store.

Here is the link.

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