Manual Marking / Scoring

The main objective of the manual marking capability in Literatu is to save teachers time marking questions and giving feedback. 

There are 2 methods of manual marking, the Fast Marking web view, and marking using the app.

Fast Marking 

Fast marking is available for all activities that have a marking type of 'Question' (set in activity Properties - Activity Scoring Options), and is available on the web only. 

Access the Fast Marking view by clicking 'Fast Mark' beside an activity in the 'My Classes' or Assignments view. 

Rather than manually mark activities one question at a time for each student, the Fast Mark view presents all students answers per question. 

Teachers can instantly see all student responses per question, participation levels, and of course who might have borrowed answers from each other. It is simple to quickly move between questions looking at the answers. A single mark can be given to all students or individually allocated. 

The fast marking view displays all questions set to be manually marked, for assignments that have been submitted. 

Click on a question reference to see all student's answers for that question. The question you have selected will be shaded orange. When all responses to a question have been marked, a green tick icon will be displayed in the question reference box. 

Student Name - Click a student name to see the full activity for that student. 

Answer - Each students answer is displayed here. If the answer has an image attached, you will see a link "Show attached file" - click to open the image.    

Mark - Enter the score for that question. To grade quickly, you can click 'Default all to ..."  the minimum or maximum score. Individual scores can then be changed.

Actions - Comments can be added by clicking the comment icon in the Actions column. Students will see all teacher feedback.


As each assignment is marked, all grade books and progress reports are automatically updated. If literatu is running inside Edmodo, the Edmodo grade book will also be updated. 

Marking via the App

Marking via the literatu app is available for all activities, and is available on web, iPad and Android. 

Access app marking on the web by clicking 'Mark' beside an activity in the 'My Classes' or Assignments view. On iPad, search for Literatu in the app store. Android users can find Literatu in the Google Play store.

Marking via the Literatu app gives a full view of each student's activity.  

Marking - touch on an answer to reveal the marking box. 

Click the 'tick' icon to mark the answer correct. The answer box will change to green.

Click the 'tick' icon to mark the answer incorrect. The answer box will change to red.   

Click the exclamation mark to give a partial score. The answer box will change to half red, half green. 

Feedback with Scribble - On the top menu, click 'Scribble' to reveal the handwriting toolbox which you can use to add hand-written annotations to the activity.  Scribble supports pen and highlighter modes. 

Overall Activity Comment - On the top menu, click 'Comment' to add an overall comment to the activity. Comments can be typed, or hand-written (a great option for tablets with a stylus or PC browsers with drawing pads)

Click-and-type Comments - Click anywhere outside of an answer box to activate click-and-type comments. Once saved, you can move the click-and-type comment icon anywhere on the page.


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