Can I trial Literatu integrated with my Google domain?

Yes, you can set up literatu as a trial in your Google domain.

The first step is to ask your Google Domain Administrator to install literatu from the Google Apps Marketplace. 

Your domain administrator will then need to give access to literatu to the teachers and students that will be participating in the trial. Users that have access will see literatu in the 'More' menu when logged into the Google domain.

Teachers will need to enter a one-time teacher access key. This key is used to authenticate teachers and trigger literatu to automatically create your teacher account and log you in. This key is given to your Google domain administrator at installation time, who should make it available to all teachers participating in the trial.

Student accounts are automatically created when the student launches literatu. You can share your class key with your students to add them automatically to your classes as well.  

* Google advise that marketplace apps can take up to 24 hours to appear in the 'More' menu after installation.

* Each trial supports unlimited teachers, but is limited to 30 students. Additional students can be purchased as required. 
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