Creating students & adding them to classes via the Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard lets Teachers set up Student accounts quickly.

Points to Remember.

  1. If you are integrated with Edmodo , you dont need to set up students.

  2. If your trial is integrated with Google Domains, you dont have to set up Students. Simply give Students a Class Access Key to join. See Class Access key below.

If your school or community is a stand alone Literatu Community, you will need to add Students. There are some really quick ways to do this.

From the Setup Wizard, Click on Add Students

Adding Students is easy and quick.

  1. User Count - Literatu is licensed by Users - Students. In a trial Community you can have up to 30 students.

  2. User Details - These details are needed per Student. They can be keyed in or loaded via Excel.

    2.1 Screen Name - How the Student is known

    2.2 User name or Email Address - you can use either eg: Jimmy007 or
 . Both User Name and Email must be unique.

    2.3 Password - enter a starting password. Students can change it later.

  3. Select a Class - When you have completed student entry, select the class or classes  into which the students will be linked.

  4. Click Submit
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