VIDEO - How do I map an interactive activity in Literatu?

Activity Builder 

Literatu lets you decide on the content, the interaction and the way you like to mark and monitor the work. Watch this video to master the process of mapping interactivity and creating interactive student engagements.

Activity builder - answer type summary

The Activity Builder offers many answer types that you can use in your activities, including:

1. Simple text or numeric answers

2. Complex text or numeric answers,  where one of several answers could be correct

3. Long text, paragraph answers 

4. Drop down / multiple choice

5. Check box / True & False

6. Simple drawing, which allows students to attach a drawn item to any answer. This is a great option to show workings in a mathematics problem. 

7. Drawing over page content, where the student can use free-form draw on the page

8. Photos, where the answer is a photograph. This is a great option for experiments and other evidence-based activities. 

Activity builder - marking type summary

Literatu allows you to mark your activities any way you choose:

1. Automatic marking. These answers are marked as soon as the student submits the activity. While mapping, you can set one answer, or several possible answers. 

2. Manual marking. These are the answers that can not be automatically marked and need to be marked by the teacher, for example long-form responses, drawings and photos. 

3. Non-marked questions. These answers will not be marked at all. 

Any or all of these marking options can be combined in one activity.  

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