Supported marking types

Literatu allows you to mark your activities any way you choose. Litertau offers:  

  1. Automatic marking 
  2. Manual marking
  3. Non-marked questions 

Any or all of these marking options can be combined in one activity.

Marking options for each question are set during activity mapping. Click here for a refresher on mapping using the Activity Builder.  

Automatic Marking

During activity mapping, automatic marking can be set for a question and the correct answer(s) supplied.  

When a student submits their activity, automatic marking is applied immediately. Students have access to immediate results and feedback for all automatically marked answers. Teachers also have immediate access to scores in the literatu gradebook, in the 'My Classes' dashboard, and in GradeVision.

Manual Marking

Manual marking can be set for those questions that do not lend themselves to automatic marking, and teacher marking is required. Examples are long-form or essay responses,  drawings and photographs. 

Non-marked Questions

These are answers that don't require marking. 


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