I have installed literatu from Marketplace Apps, but I am getting a message that the literatu setup is not complete.

The first step of Marketplace Apps installation adds an app to your domain, but does not automatically launch the application's own setup.  At the end of a normal installation process, Google will automatically show the 'Go to Literatu for setup' link in the middle of the page and encourage (but not force) you to complete that step. 
To set up your literatu community, the following steps need to be completed by a Google domain administrator:-
  1. Go to Google Admin Console https://admin.google.com/AdminHome 
  2. Click on 'Marketplace Apps'
  3. 'Literatu' should be one of the Marketplace Apps installed. Click on it.
  4. This should show the details for Literatu, including a 'Settings' link. Click on 'Settings' and the settings panel will appear on the right. (screenshot below)
  5. Click on 'Go to Literatu for setup' next to 'Additional settings' which should be the last item in the settings panel. This will take you to the Google community setup page on literatu.com where it will create the community, and let you name and configure community settings. 
Once this is done, teachers can use the school key to automatically create their accounts.  When they create their classes, they will receive a class key which students can use to join the class.
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