How do I add students in a Literatu community?

Students are added differently for communities that are integrated with Google domains and Edmodo. This article describes adding students for a Literatu community that is not integrated.

You can easily and quickly add students to your literatu community.

1. Select the 'Students' page, which you will find in the 'Manage' drop-down menu.
2. Click the blue '+Add Students' button on the student page. 

3. Enter the student's name, e-mail or login, and password for all the students you would like to add.  
  - To add more entry lines to the screen, click the blue 'Add row' button. 

  - To remove a student, click the blue 'X' beside that student.

  - To enter the same password for all students, click 'Copy to all' beside the password you wish to copy to all rows on the screen.

4. Alternately, you can add student details by copying and pasting user details from Excel. Please make sure the columns in excel are in this order: screen name, e-mail/username, password.  

5. Select the classes your students belong to. They will automatically be added to the classes you select.

6. Click Submit.

7. Before adding the accounts, we check to make sure your student accounts are unique across literatu. You will see a message if any of the following problems are found:

    - The screen names or login names you are adding already exist in another literatu community. If they do, you will see a message and you will need to change the duplicated username or screen name.  

   -  A student already exists in your community. If students already exist, they will not be added again. Instead, they will be added to the classes you have selected, if they don't already belong to those classes.

  -  You don't have enough student licenses for the number of students you are adding. If you do not have enough licenses, you will need to purchase additional licenses before you can add the students.


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