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Live monitoring is available for all Literatu activities, allowing teachers to see how students are progressing in real time.

Switching on live monitoring for an activity

Live monitoring is switched on at the time of activity assignment. 

To assign an activity, click 'Activities' from the main menu. 

Click the blue 'Assign' actions button beside the activity you would like to use for live monitoring.   

In the Assign window, select the class and students you would like to assign the activity to.

Choose a due date, and whether or not you would like to update the grade book with results.

Click on the 'Turn on live monitoring' slider to switch it ON.




Track monitored activities 

As soon as you have a live monitoring activity, you will see 'Live Monitor' on the main menu.



Click it to see all of your live monitoring activities. 

To view a live monitoring session, click the blue 'Live monitor' button.

If your students have not started the activity, you will see a screen similar to this.



As soon as a student answers any question, you will immediately see the result. 



Watch results build and see which students are not keeping up, which students are finishing quickly and might need extra work, and which questions students are having issue with. 

Green indicates a correct answer, for questions that are automatically marked.

Red indicates an incorrect answer, for questions that are automatically marked

Orange is for answers that are set for teacher manual marking.

Grey answers are those intended not to be marked at all. 

Blank spaces indicate questions that the student has not yet answered. 

By hovering your mouse over a colored answer box, you can see the answer the student has given (checkbox and long-form answer preview is not supported). 

Teachers don't have to be online to take advantage of live monitoring. All sessions are recorded automatically, so everything can be viewed at a later time. Perfect for at-a-glance homework analysis. 


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