How to monitor your students live - as they answer activities

We call this feature LIVE Monitoring because that's what it is! 

As Students answer an activity, teachers can watch progress. Who is going well and who is going badly is instantly visible, the second the student moves from question to question.

Teachers can also see who is not doing the work!

Live Monitoring can be used in class, over weekends, for watching homework activity; any type of watching needed. 

How to turn LIVE Monitoring on.

1. When you assign an Activity to a class or indeed one or more students, there is an option on the Assignment window allowing teachers to  commence a LIVE Monitoring session.

Simply slide the Live Monitoring option on. This opens up a live polling channel to our servers, allowing the teacher to watch progress live.

Teachers can have more than one Live Monitoring session. Each session is kept open for 7 days.

Monitoring Live Monitoring.

When Teachers activate Live Monitoring sessions, there is a red Live Monitor button available on the command line.  This is shown below.

Click on the Live Monitor button and you will have a choice of sessions that you have underway. Select any session listed.

Live Monitoring shows a matrix of Students and Questions.

1. View Activity will show the activity the students are doing - just in case you forgot!

2. Red is wrong, Green is correct - Orange is a question to be manually marked. 

3. If you hover over the cell, you will see the answer the student has submitted.

4. These results come thru LIVE, as students are answering the questions.

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