How do I check the status of each Student in my Class?

Tracking individual students in the Teacher dashboard is simple.

Select Students rather than Assignments in the class selection box.

Your first view will be of all students in the class, the colours denote their average score in the class. The number of assignments to mark is shown in the blue circle. The Student name is shown as well.

There are several features in amongst the display.

  1. This is a per student - per class breakdown. Teachers can go back to the class using the Show All button.

  2. The number of activities per student to mark is shown in the blue circle. This is the total number of assignments to mark per student.

  3. The color of the Student denotes the average progress score achieved. Currently this Student is at 50%. You can see why under the Marked lane. 7/14 = 50% and that is the only formal progress this student has made. Teacher can view this assessment live.

  4. Everything this Student has in progress with this Teacher. Teachers can go into the work queue and see what is In Progress and what is Not Started.

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