New in Literatu - Live activity monitoring!

Live monitoring is now available for all Literatu activities. Live monitoring lets teachers see how students are progressing with an activity, in real time. 

Instantly see which students are falling behind in completing an activity, and which students might need extra ‘fast finisher’ work.

For automatically marked activities,  see student scores the moment they complete each question. With a sweep of your mouse, you can even see the answers being entered, enabling immediate intervention and remediation. 



To add convenience, teachers don’t have to be online to take advantage of live monitoring. All sessions are recorded automatically, so everything can be viewed at a later time - perfect for at-a-glance homework analysis the next day. 

Read about how to start using live monitoring here

(Edmodo ResourceVision Community users will need to sign up for a full Literatu account from the Edmodo store.) 
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