New! Student reports, rubrics, stamps and group actions

My Classes - individual student bubble report

The popular 'My Classes' activity detail report has been enhanced for teachers. Simply click on a student name in the detailed report to see that student's overall progress for the activity. 

 My Classes detail report for an activity that is marked at question level.



 Click on the student name to see that students results for the entire activity.


Click here for a refresher on 'My Classes'. 


Marking Guides / Rubrics 

On our rubric marking wishlist, teachers asked to be able to add any rubric to any activity, at any time, preferably without needing to re-key the rubric detail. They also asked for a quick and easy way to show the student their achievements against the rubric. So that's what we have delivered!

You will see a new option called 'Marking Guide/Rubric Marking' in both 'Activity Properties' and in the 'Manage' drop-down.  This is where you can upload your rubric pages from any PDF source - scan your existing paper rubrics to PDF, or save new or existing electronic copies as PDF.   

When you attach a rubric to an activity, it will be automatically added to the end of the activity. In this way, students can easily keep track of the outcomes of an activity. 

Showing the student their achievement at marking time is as easy as adding a stamp!  

 A rubric page in an activity, showing student achievement marked by stamps - read on!



The scribble pad in the teacher app has been enhanced with stamps. Click on the stamps icon to view the stamp set. Select the stamp you'd like to use, and click on the page to apply the stamp. Use the transparency slider so you can add the stamp on top of text, and still be able to read it.

 The scribble window in  the teacher app on web, and coming soon to mobile 

We will be adding more stamps soon, so please let us know what sorts of stamps you'd like to see.


Group Actions

Especially for those teachers that have hundreds of activities, we have added group actions to make maintenance of your activities and assignments easier.

On the 'Activities' and 'Assignments' screens you will now see a checkbox beside every item.

At the bottom of the list, there is a new drop-down called 'Group Actions'.

You can now checkbox-select many activities, and do the following with 1 click:

  • Assign the group of activities to a class
  • Move the activities to a different folder
  • Archive the activities

On the Assignments tab, group actions allow you to:

  • Set a group of assignments to 'Complete', and move them off your active list
  • Archive the assignments, which is a great option at the end of the year
  • Delete the assignments



Lots more coming soon ..

We have lots of great new functionality coming up. Keep an eye out for:

Off-line mode for student mobile devices. We also have a version of the mobile app which will run on a Windows PC to cater for students who have a computer but no internet at home. If you would like an advance copy, please contact us at [email protected] We anticipate this coming out of the app store April 1, 2014 (no April fools there!).

Instant marking, where answers are marked as soon as they are entered, rather than on submit.

Criteria marking. Comprehensive and flexible marking when combined with rubrics!

Suggestions are always welcome. If you have a great idea or can think of a way we can help you in your classroom, e-mail us at [email protected]


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