Build an achievement-based course of activities using Pathways.

Pathways lets you nominate the literatu activities your students should be assigned, based on their performance in a prior activity.

Once you have created and assigned your pathway, it manages the activities that students will do. As students complete an activity in the pathway, the next activity is automatically assigned based on their score - you don't have to do anything.     

Let's look at this sample pathway:



  •  All students start with the top activity - 'Y7 Number and algebra entry activity'
  •  Students who score between 0 and 33% will be automatically assigned activity 'Y7 Number and algebra stage 1'
  •  Students who score between 34 and 66% will be automatically assigned activity 'Y7 Number and algebra stage 2'
  •  Students who score between 67 and 100% will be automatically assigned activity 'Y7 Number and algebra stage 3'.


Each activity in the pathway can have up to 3 child activities, and there is no limit to the number of levels.

Simple courses can also be created, where all students are assigned activities that follow one another, regardless of score.  

Creating a pathway

Go to Manage -> Pathways

1. Click the New Pathway button

2. Name your pathway

3. Click 'Add activity'


4. Add the activity that starts your pathway. All students that you assign the pathway to will do this activity.

5. Click the + button at the bottom right of the first activity box, and select the next activity students should do, and the percentage score that will trigger the activity. Any activity can be used in a pathway, using any sort of grading (manual, automatic, criteria).  

6. Add up to 2 more activities to follow the top (first) activity.

7. Continue adding activities and scores to the next and subsequent levels, to build your desired pathway.

5. Save your pathway as you build it, and when you have finished adding all the activities necessary.  


Assigning your pathway

Once created, pathways can be assigned just like activities.

1. Click Activities, and then click the 'Pathways' tab.

2. Click 'Assign' beside the pathway you wish to assign.

3. Choose a class and students.

4. Select a due date - this is the due date for the completion of the entire pathway. 


Activities assigned by the pathway will appear in your Assignments list and in the students activity list, just like any normally assigned activity.


Pathway reporting

Pathways reporting is available from the 'My Classes' screen. 

Click on the 'Pathways' button for the class in question. 

By default, you can see how the group has progressed.

To see how an individual student has progressed, select the student name in the student drop-down. 







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